Age group Number of players Play time Ball size Offside Substitutions
2004  11 vs 11 2×15 min Number   5 + Back-fourth
2005 11 vs 11 2×15 min Number   5 + Back-fourth
2006 11 vs 11 2×15 min Number   4 + Back-fourth
2007 11 vs 11 2×20 min Number   4 + Back-fourth
2008 9 vs 9 1×25 min Number   4 + Back-fourth
2009 9 vs 9 1×25 min Number   3 Back-fourth
2010 7 vs 7 1×25 min Number   3 Back-fourth
2011 7 vs 7 1×20 min Number   3 Back-fourth
2012 5 vs 5 1×20 min Number   3 Back-fourth
2013 5 vs 5 1×20 min Number   3  –  Back-fourth
2014 5 vs 5 1×20 min Number   3  –  Back-fourth
  • Size of the team – maximum 13 players + 2 representatives (for age groups B13 – B16 18 + 2).
  • The team’s representative is requiered to fill in the registration form and hand it in to the organisers before the start of the first match.
  • The team has to be ready 15 minutes before the start of the match.
  • Every team is guaranteed at least 6 matches during the tournament.
  • A red card will result in the player’s removal from the game until the end of the match.
  • The player with the red card will also be suspended from the next match.
  • Other players and coaches are kindly asked to always stay behind the sideline during the match. All substitutions will also take place there.
  • All matches will be played with back-and-forth substitutions, which are only allowed from the substitution area.
  • Teams in all age groups are allowed to use 2 players, who were born on 1 Aug or later in the year before. (Age groups B13 – B16 are allowed to use 3 players, who were born on 1 Aug or later in the year before.)
  • In case of any doubt, the organisers will use their right to check any necessary documentation of the players. To avoid any confusion or unnecessary problems, we ask all participants to always carry their ID with them.

The winner of each group will be announced based on points won. In case of a draw, the winner will be decided upon:

  • A new match between drawing teams
  • The goal difference in the match
  • Which team has won the most matches
  • The goal difference altogether
  • Goals scored
  • Penalties

When matches are being held for 1st – 3rd place, in case of a draw, penalty shots will decide the winner. Each team will have 3 penalties. If there is still no result after that, penalties will continue to be hit until the first mistake.

Tiger Cup is, first and foremost, a tournament organized for the benefit and development of the children. Therefore, we ask all coaches and parents to follow the rules of fair play and help to create a positive atmosphere encouraged by the organizers.

  • Parents should refrain from acting as coaches at the tournament. Please leave all coaching to the professionals.
  • and coaches are not allowed to stand in the goal area to teach or distract the goalkeeper or other players.
  • We kindly ask the parents to encourage and support their children, never to discourage or yell at them in stressful situations.
  • Parents and coaches should remain polite in any situation, no yelling or bad language is tolerated. Coaches are welcome to appeal after the match on any decisions made.

If any of the above rules will not be obeyed by the team together with its coaches and parents, the organizers will use their right to remove this team from the whole tournament. Minor changes to the rules may occur.


  • Every participant will be awarded a diploma.
  • The three best teams will be awarded with medals and a trophy.
  • Special prizes will be awarded to the best forward, goalkeeper and defense man of each age group.